Ensuring Better Induction Programs

Whenever a new contractor joins the fold, it is important to make them productive members of the company as soon as possible. Whenever a newly appointed contractor signs up for a company, the change of environment may be such that it causes them to not be as productive right at the onset. While there is the need to have a learning curve, it is essential to business operations for contractors to be able to contribute as quickly as they can.

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You may ask yourself why placing such a high premium on induction programs is a necessity.

For one, they make the introduction of company policies so much easier. Each company has its own inherent set of procedures and it takes time to acclimatise them to your company’s culture.

In addition, safety procedures are discussed in induction programs, as well. The safety of employees should always be first and foremost on the company’s priority — not only in employee manual, but also in practice. New contractors, on the other hand, should be briefed with safety measures in the workplace as well as unforeseeable emergencies.

Here are a few tips to make induction programs so much better for contractors, as it is for employees:

Get online

Online contractor induction programs are much more cost-effective. Make use of available technology to for simpler, faster, and more affordable ways to get the job done.

Be creative

Chances are, we have all sat through our fair share of meetings. While they are routine procedures, it is important to keep them as lively and engaging as possible to arouse the interest in your new contractors regarding their role in the company.

Keep things simple

While making lively induction programs are indeed a nice way of welcoming new contractors into the fold, remember that their sole purpose is to smoothen the transition process. By keeping things simple, new hires will be able to hit the ground running.

Effective companies should make turnovers as efficient as possible. With the help of well-designed online induction programs, companies can lessen the learning curve period whenever staffing turnover occurs, thus maintaining a smooth flow of uninterrupted workforce production.