Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge Unveiled In Vietnam

fire-breathing bridgeVietnam, a place known for myths about dragons and the ancient world, is taking the myth and turning it into a reality.

The Vietnamese city of Da Nang has recently unveiled a new steel bridge shaped like a real dragon that literally breathes and shoots fire from its mouth.

The 1,864-foot-long, $85 million bridge features steel arches that serve as the dragon’s body, which is modeled after one from the Ly Dynasty. The Dragon Bridge has more than 2,500 LED lights that light up in the evening. The mega structure can also shoot giant flames and jets of water.

The bridge was unveiled as part of the 38th anniversary celebrations of the North Vietnamese capturing the city during the final days of the Vietnam War. The place was home to a significant air base used by US and South Vietnamese troops during the war.

Read the whole story at Yahoo! and watch how the bridge shoots fire and water into the air.