Getting a Grip: 20-Somethings and Coming to Terms with Quarter Life Crisis

girl looking at the viewStraight out of college, most people have plans as to what they’d do in the next few years or so. In just a short time, you want to land that dream job, have that lovely apartment unit in Salcedo Village or some other posh part of the country, and live a life that’s fun, fulfilling, and independent all at the same time.

This is where the quote “life gets in the way” comes in. Soon enough, you just find out that reaching your goal is no walk in the park. Over time, you might feel like you’re missing out on life or you’re not doing enough to achieve what you want.

Welcome to the real world. Congratulations on your quarter life crisis, too. But don’t worry so much, though, you can go through this phase and make it out alive and kicking.

Accept the crisis as a normal transition

Coming to terms with your quarter life crisis begins with acceptance. It’s a transition you have to deal with. Endings are necessary to start something new. Think about it as cutting the rope that held your ship to a certain port, so now you can sail further and discover other seas and islands.

Don’t stagnate

One mistake many 20-somethings make is letting the crisis take over their life. Don’t stagnate; instead, live. When you feel like you’re lost, find something to do just so you don’t sit, simmer, and stew.

Clean your house, join a marathon, read an influential book, go out with friends, or maybe do some charity work. Choose to do something; remember: sometimes, all you need to do to find the answers you’re looking for is to start the search instead of obsessing over your dilemma.

Take that leap of faith

Set your goals and explore. You’d have to take that leap of faith, otherwise you’d just whine about your situation and that will get you nowhere.

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To go somewhere, you have to start somewhere. Once you come to terms with your crisis, it’s easier to conquer it. Have faith in what the future holds. Your journey has just begun.