Going Beyond Hackers and Crackers: Improving the Physical Security of a Data Center

man using a laptopOther than integrating firewalls and other protective mechanisms that will keep hackers and invisible fraudsters at bay, the team for management of a data center facility should give the physical aspect of the location heavy consideration. This may sound a lot of hard work and a significant amount of investment, but keep in mind that it’s all going to be worth it.

Below are only some of the ways that will help build security, which authorities in the IT industry will certainly agree with.

Assess the Risks

Data centers are always at high risk of being burglarized due to the sensitive information and materials they contain. When you assess all the risks, you will find security planning a lot easier. Assemble the security department and ask them to spot the weak points of the facility and report them in detail. The report will show you where to tighten security, seek authentication, and determine which technology to use.

Plan the Perimeter

The main goal of security planning is summarized n 3 Ds: deter, delay, and dissuade all unauthorized entries. The perimeter is a good starting point. You may choose to improve the facility’s landscaping. Trees, boulders, and shrubs can hide the facilities, the equipment, security devices, and they can prevent cars from getting close to the building. Make sure there is a 90 to 100 foot buffer between the structure and the walls surrounding the site so security staff can easily see who comes from where.

Check the Utilities

As part of the plan, data centers are supposed to have more than one sources of utilities, such as electricity and water. Lines should be put under the ground. The location should only be known to a select few.

Train the Staff

Don’t only focus on training the security staff; take time educating technicians, analysts, and frontline workers. If possible, organize a one-day training and seminar dedicated to this cause.

Protecting and managing the data center’s physical infrastructure is no small job. You must remember that once you’ve built a practical security system, what you will need to do is focus on reinforcement and maintenance.