Greater Access To The Internet: Google Visits Cuba To Promote Web Access

Google chairman Eric Schmidt and other top executives recently visited Cuba to promote open Internet access, as the country’s web access “is trapped in the 1990s.”

Lowest level of Internet access

havana-cubaThe search engine giant met with Cuban officials as well as independent people in the technology and digital field.

“Access to the internet can bring better education, better business, and a more open, accountable government to Cuba,” Chairman Eric Schmidt said in a blog post. “Our visit confirmed that the government recognizes some of the benefits of increasing access for Cubans, but it has not gone far enough in implementing the policy reforms needed to open the country to the web.”

This is the first visit by a team from Google.

Heavy media restrictions

Cuba not just tightly restricts access to the Web, but also criticizes tech firms like Google for blocking certain services to users in the country.

Though Schmidt said he met with government officials, the talks were not reported in the country’s official state media.