HandBrake: A Great App for Video Conversions

reliable video converterMost of the time, multimedia files are never in the format you need them. As such, in theory, an iPod Touch is ideal for watching videos, but in practice, the videos need to be in M4V, MP4, or MOV formats.

Converting these videos can be a problem, however. Fortunately, downloading HandBrake for Windows and other OS can be the ideal solution.

What’s HandBrake?

HandBrake is a versatile and powerful open-source application for ripping DVDs and re-compressing videos down. It accepts video data in almost all source formats.
With this app, users can choose their output format, and apply any additional tweaks they may need. For instance, users can resize or crop videos, and filter them with different methods, including deinterlacing, denoising, and deblocking.

Users can also choose the video’s destination frame rate, and even set the target size for the converted file. This makes sure that the file will fit the user’s target device.

For simpler conversions, users can choose one of the app’s conversion presets, including iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Apple TV. The application will set all its other options automatically, leaving the user with the simple task of clicking “Start” and waiting for the new video or audio file to finish converting.
There are many versions of HandBrake available for download, with the latest being HandBrake 0.9.9.

What’s HandBrake 0.9.9?

With tons of improvements, HandBrake 0.9.9 is a major upgrade from the previous versions. These improvements include an enhanced pineapple icon from Matt Johnson, and retina-resolution icons within the software from Nik Pawlak.

The 0.9.9 version offers Blu-ray (PGS) subtitle support that works with Foreign Audio Search, and that users can burn-in or pass through to MKV. It provides additional video frame rates, including 30, 50, 59.94, and 60 fps, and a double frame rate mode for the deinterlace and decomb filters. It also has better audio remix support with additional mix downs. The audio remix support also allows users to up mix better-than-stereo sources to 5.1, and to discard one channel from stereo sources.

HandBrake offers more features, especially with the 0.9.9 version. To know about these other features, visit websites that offer information about and downloads of HandBrake for Windows and other OS.