Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mezzanine

WarehouseAdding a mezzanine is a great way to maximise your limited storage and usable space. But before you go ahead and construct one, you should consider some factors to find the type that would suit you best.

ADEX GROUP suggests that you go through this short list before you start looking at builders’ catalogues.


What will the mezzanine be used for? There are different types of mezzanines like the ones commonly used for extra storage spaces or the newer models used for office space. Deciding on their use or purpose would easily narrow down your options since the materials and design will be adjusted to fit your requirements.

Floor Size

How large a floor space are you planning to install? It must fit your area and be easily accessible. Depending on the space that you need to use, you can even consider multi-tiered models instead of the basic designs. Consult with reputable and experienced mezzanine floor builders regarding your options.

Safety Features

Mezzanines are elevated open spaces that will require ample safety features to keep the structure and users protected. Sturdy handrails and guardrails are a must to prevent accidents. They can likewise be customised to better suit your tastes and needs.


Different mezzanines have specific uses as and the overall design plays a role in this. You should choose heavy-duty models such as a structural mezzanine if you intend to use it as an extra storage space in your warehouse. Pallets and catwalks can still do the job if you want designs that can fit your limited budget. You can also choose a simpler mezzanine model if you intend to use it as an office space.

In this day and age, it is important that you prioritise efficiency when choosing any improvements for your business. The extra cost that you spend in your additions will pay off in the end. Just make sure you choose the right type of mezzanine to avoid any regret or even sudden renovations in the future.