Important Tips Before You Start Brewing

Men toasting with beerDo you own a small brewery or a home-brewing facility? Before you buy hops from stores like Hop Havoc, you need to know the basics. Starting your brewing with good habits will result in a more enjoyable process and tastier result.

For starters, sanitation is a word that you shouldn’t compromise. It starts before the brewing process and ends when you’ve capped the last bottle. You have to understand that the moment your beer starts to cool down, bacteria will start infesting it because the fermentation process hasn’t started yet. Here are a few more things to consider:

Make Sure to Cool the Wort Fast

Quickly cooling your wort will result in an increased fallout of tannins and proteins that ruin your beer. It will also minimize the opportunity of bacteria to get into your brew and grow to ruin it completely. As an added bonus, a fast cooling process will result in a clearer beer that’s visually appealing and more enticing.

Begin Your Journey with Darker Beer

While clearer beers are more visually appealing, it’s always a good thing to begin with darker beers when you’re just starting out. It has a more lenient makeup and more forgiving flavor profile making it easier to hide the most common newbie mistakes.

Glass fermenters are always easier to clean and sterilize compared to their plastic counterpart. Remember the emphasis on sanitation? They also provide better sealing compared to plastic, making it difficult for oxygen to get in.

Just like when you cook your favorite dish, the quality of your ingredients matters when brewing your own beer. You have to understand that there are items that you can store and others that you can’t. You can store hops in the freezer, and it will remain fresh, but doing the same with crushed grains and malts will ruin the flavor.