Improving Your Healthcare Business: Focus on the 3Rs

patient with her healthcare providerNow, more than ever, there is too much pressure on businesses involved in healthcare. The public has been crying out for better quality of services and equal treatment. Patient satisfaction has been a top priority when it comes to success indicators.

To improve patient satisfaction, make sure you remember these 3Rs.


Primarily, you must not forget you are running a business. And just like running any other company, revenues must be a top priority. Otherwise, how can you provide top-notch services? Just like what a health system CEO says, you can only give quality care if you have a good financial standing.

Keep the revenues flowing and stay out of debt. One way to do this is to keep track of your receivables by embracing technology. Don’t be afraid of upgrading systems and processes. For starter, try looking for a revenue cycle management company and see if it would work best for you.


It is necessary that the members of your healthcare staff, like nurses and physicians, are always proactive and present. They must always be readily available to answer the questions and address concerns of patients.

Other people in the facility must be trained well to be customer-centric, especially the client-facing individuals such as the receptionists and attendants. Also, hospital executives must have the habit of making rounds to make clients feel that top management is hearing them.


Having a good image and reputation is hard work but is something that you cannot possibly ignore. One wrong move made by one impatient or inexperienced person in your facility can cause great damage to your name. To have better control over what people say about you, do an online audit.

Create your own profile and platform where you can support or negate those statements about your facility. Also, people are thirsty for information. You want to feed them with the right kind.

Being involved in a business is hard, but being engaged in the healthcare business is doubly difficult. If you want your business to continue growing while maintaining a good standing when it comes to patient satisfaction, these 3Rs are a good place to start.