Just Moved In: Organizing a Housewarming Party

people having a housewarming partyHosting a housewarming party is a great way to help you settle in your new residential property. It marks the beginning of a new life in a new home with joy, optimism, and community. It is a fun way to introduce yourself to new neighbors.

Here are a few tips on organizing a housewarming party:


You can either invite your neighbors in person or make invitations, or both. It is always better to visit them at home. This shows your sincerity and thoughtfulness. The first neighbor you visit might even volunteer to help you spread the word. You’ll earn an instant friend.


The key to having a successful house warming party is to keep it simple. Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about a party theme. You just have to decide who will be invited or how you’re going to run the party. Instead of hosting an elaborate get-together, keep things casual and modest.


Whenever you’re inviting people into your home, there is always food involved. The food you serve depends on the type of party you have, how long the party is going to be, and how many people you’re expecting. You can prepare the food or order to save on the preparation time and free you up to enjoy with your guests during the party.


While you may want to keep your party decorations minimal, you can add a few touches to set the party mood. Have colorful balloons in your mailbox and a sign in the yard. Don’t forget to include a welcome mat on the doorstep. You can also have a little fun by installing a spinning disco or mirror ball.

Party Playlist

Start your housewarming party with an upbeat playlist to break the ice. If you’re having a low-key dinner or afternoon party and want to encourage conversations, however, organize a laid-back housewarming playlist. Good songs include Michael Buble’s Home, This Must be the Place by Talking Heads, or Elton John’s House.

Whether you’re owning or renting a residential property, organizing a housewarming party can help you settle in. Invite family, friends, and neighbors to let them know that you’ve finished the moving process and are ready to hop back into normal life.