Kenneth Bae Admits Crime, Calls On US For Help

Kenneth Bae, an American citizen being held in North Korea, admits to reporters on Monday, January 20, that he committed a “serious crime” in the secretive nation and that he had not received rude treatment from the regime.


Kenneth BaeHe said in an interview before video cameras in Pyongyang that he would like to plead with the US government, press, and his family to stop worsening his case by spreading dreadful rumors against North Korea and publishing materials related to him, which aren’t based on facts.

Bae also said in an interview from several news organizations that he wants to be pardoned by North Korea and return to his beloved family. He even asked the US government and the press to make more efforts and pay more attention.

‘Overthrow the government’

The Christian and father of three managed a business specializing North Korea tours, according to, a website established by his friends to promote his release. The North Korean government accused Kenneth Bae of trying to overthrow the government through his religious activities.