Love Across Borders: Applying for a Tourist Visa to Australia

couple travellingIt can be exciting to arrange plans for a vacation with your girlfriend. It’s a different matter, however, if your girlfriend is a Thai national. You’ll have to help her secure an Australian tourist visa in Thailand. The first thing to do is to secure all the official requirements from the Australian embassy.

Working with a Travel Agency

A travel agency can make the process easier. It’s important not to believe any promises, though, as your girlfriend will only get a visa upon approval of the embassy. Steer clear of such agencies that have ‘connections’ and transact only with those that work within the process set by the Embassy. This will enable you to avoid problems regarding the legality of your girlfriend’s visa.

Processing the Application

Your girlfriend must have a passport ready with various identification documents. Other than these primary requirements, she might have to file for medical examinations and character references. The first depends on whether she’s planning to look for medical treatment in Australia or if she’s staying longer than three months.

Character references might also be necessary. If asked for, it would be better if the people vouching for her character have tenured position in a well-known institution in Thailand. Good references can establish her as a trustworthy person.

Dealing with the Embassy

Getting an Australian tourist visa for your Thai girlfriend can be a painstaking process. As her partner, it’s possible that you can follow up on her application yourself. Ask your girlfriend to file a Form 956 which both of you will sign. This will allow you to discuss her application with a representative from the Visa and Immigration Office in the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.

There’s no guarantee that she’ll get a visa even if you support her application. It’s important, however, to remain polite when enquiring with the representative. This can bring a lighter note to the discussion and make the process easier.

Preparing for Her Stay

It’s a cause for celebration if her visa application gets approved. This lets you move to the second phase of the planning where she’ll organise for her trip to Australia. A list of items she can bring will be helpful, but you have to warn her about bringing local food and delicacies. Verify these with her to prevent complications at the Customs, which can cause a delay in her arrival.