Microsoft Pulls Windows XP Plug

windows xp

Courtesy of Kit_Hartford via Flickr

Rest in peace, Windows XP. It was a good thirteen-year run.

Microsoft has finally pulled the plug on the circa 2001 operating system on April 8.

No more support

While consumers would still be able to use their old OS, the Windows-maker would no longer issue security and support updates for it.

As a result, those who still use XP would be more prone to virus infection and cyber-attacks.

The Netherlands agreed on a “multi-million euro” deal to extend Microsoft’s support. Similarly, the UK inked a £5.5 million agreement. The company agreed to provide some security support for these 40,000 devices in the UK and thousands others more from the Dutch government until April 15 next year.


Security firms have warned users of XP about the increased vulnerability in their systems.

Kaspersky senior research analyst Dave Emm told the BBC: “Effectively, every vulnerability discovered after April 8 will become a zero-day vulnerability – that is, one of which there is not and never will be, a patch.”

“We think we will see a lot of attacks for Windows XP within the next few months, but attackers will also always add exploits for other Windows systems just to catch those systems as well,” he added.