New Apps Beneficial During Job Hunting

Searching for a job is difficult, but a range of smartphones and web apps can help narrow down job searches and even provide details on the competition.

Job apps designed to customize employment searches

job huntingFree apps such as SimplyHired, Indeed, and Monster for iPhone and Android users, provide employment opportunities for just using a keyword search, and web-based apps.Apps such as TwitJobSearch and TweetMyJobs, will search Twitter for job opportunities  and send alerts through social network.

A new free iPhone app known as TheLadders takes a different way and sends list of jobs to users based on their profile and career objectives.

“One of the big frustrations for job hunters is that they go online to apply for a job and they don’t hear back. It’s a black hole,” said Alex Douzet chief executive and co-founder of TheLadders, based in New York.

Job openings in the neighborhood

TheLadders uses algorithms to choose the best 50 jobs for a user based on its location, current title, preferences, seniority, areas of expertise, industry, and salary goals.

Nokia recently launched a new job app called JobLens for Windows phones.

It uses augmented reality, which overlays information on the real world as viewed through the phone’s camera, to show users job opportunities in their location.