How to Prepare for a Night Out in Fortitude Valley

The Valley has a one of a kind nightlife, and it’s something that no Brisbane resident or tourist should ever miss. Thanks to its thriving music scene, famous bars, and community of fun loving free spirits, there are very few places that can match it when the sun goes down.

nightlifeIf this is your first time to brave the streets of Fortitude Valley, there are several things you should do to make sure that the experience is both fun and safe.

1. Bring your friends – While it could get in the way of you meeting new people, bringing friends along is a great way to get rid of any anxiety you might be feeling. Plus, being in a group means that you have people you can share the fun times with, which always makes everything way better. If you insist on going solo, make sure that you at least let someone know you’re going out.

2. Know your way back – Even if you aren’t normally a directionally challenged person, Fortitude Valley looks very different at night. Finding your way back to where you’re staying could be a challenge, especially if you’ve had a few too many drinks.

If you’re staying in a hotel or apartment accommodation in Fortitude Valley, make sure you know nearby landmarks to help you navigate, and always have your phone handy in case you get seriously lost. When in doubt, don’t risk it, and just get in a taxi.

3. Follow bar etiquette – Just because The Valley is famous for its nightlife doesn’t mean you can just go wild. On the contrary, most people here know how to have fun without getting in the way of other revellers. Bars and clubs in Fortitude Valley have the same common courtesies as other places do, and people expect you to follow them. Treat people with respect, and you should have no trouble with other clubbers…or the bouncer.

4. Prepare early – If you’re going out with friends, make sure that you leave plenty of time for preparation. Get everything you need ready well before it’s time to leave, otherwise you could end up frantically scrambling at the last minute.

5. Have fun – Finally, do not forget why you are out there in the first place. Let go of any issues, and just focus on having a great time. Be positive and energetic, and you’ll find that you fit right in with the crowd.

The Valley is one of the best places in the world to have a fun night out. Try it once, and you’re almost guaranteed to want to do it again.