Recording Music at Home

music recording at homeMany musicians gained fame through composing their own songs and recording them to a cassette, CD, or uploading them online. Sometimes it isn’t just about fame or getting noticed, as it can be just to express yourself. Regardless of the reason, home recording is a good way to turn your idea into a soundtrack.

Some are scared to record their material at home, as it involves many technical aspects. Still, all you need is your computer, your instruments, some microphones, and the music that’s playing in your head.


The most important aspect of home recording is the music you’ll produce. Focus on what you’ll put out first. It will be of great help if you’ll notate your music on software like MuseScore for Windows 7.

MuseScore is downloadable for free on different sites, and the notation software is of great help for musicians. Many users are satisfied with the features and technology behind this score writing software.


Some pieces take time to record. The number of instruments and vocal layers dictate how long before the song is finished. A typical rock band set up made up of a drum track, two guitar tracks, a bass track, and a vocal track can be recorded in a few hours. A regular 3-minute song can be finished in a day.


The next thing you’ll need is your instruments. Ready the guitars, set up the amps, and install the microphones. Make sure that the wires of electric instruments are in good condition. Check the microphones’ sound quality as well.


A basic recording setup involves microphones connected to a recording box and a computer. Some guitar multi-effects allow recording straight from the guitar to the computer. This method, however, is less flexible in terms of the modulation and equalization of sound. Recording doesn’t have to be costly. There are low-cost recording equipment in local stores and online markets.

Home recording isn’t as difficult as many think it is. It just needs music, time, and gadgets to complete. After that, you can start recording your song and share the music online.