The Bike Adventures: Must-Have Accessories for Cyclists

portable speakersMore people are choosing to ride their bikes not only for short excursions outdoors, but for long-distance travelling as well. According to the Adventure Cycling Association, instead of relying on public transportation, many people are riding bikes for cross-country travelling. If you’re planning to do the same, you can make your journey more enjoyable by bringing some gadgets and accessories. Here are some examples:

Mobile Phone Mount

Keeping your mobile phone inside a bag or pouch while out biking may lead to your missing important calls or messages. This is when a mobile phone mount comes in handy. By mounting the phone onto the handlebars, you see if any messages come in or hear if there is a call coming in. It also makes checking your map app easier whenever you stop for a quick breather along the route.

Portable Boom Box

If you don’t like to wear earphones or headphones for an extended time, you might want to buy shockproof portable Bluetooth speakers instead. These are lightweight and small, usually about four to six inches in length, so you can mount them on the handlebar with a turtle claw. Many cyclists prefer using speakers than earphones because it makes them more aware of their surroundings and helps avoid accidents.

GPS System

For the adventurous soul, a GPS system will help you find safe alternative routes to avoid busy streets or getting lost. There are specific models that also measure speed, distance, and calories burned just like an elliptical fitness bike.

Bicycle Storage

Instead of carrying a bag, installing front racks or back compartments on your bicycle is better. It helps keep items, like water bottles, snacks, and other necessities, without straining the back and shoulders. Bags are only an additional load to the body and can also distract and restrict your movements when cycling.

These are only some of the gadgets and accessories that can help make your journey fun and hassle-free. Look for shops offering wireless portable Bluetooth speakers, mobile phone mounts, and others and start your fun cycling adventure.