The Search For MH370: Pilots, Passengers Under Scrutiny

Boeing 777 Malaysia

Image by Laurent ERRERA | Wikimedia

Some passengers and the pilots of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 have fallen under wide scrutiny, and more are likely to come into focus as the search for answers grows.

Investigation into people on board

Confirmation that the missing plane was intentionally diverted suggests scenarios that have sharpened scrutiny of the passengers and crew.

“You have to look at everybody that got onto that plane,” said Bill Gavin, FBI New York’s former assistant director, in a statement.

“You can start peeling the onion there by eliminating some of the people immediately — you know, like children, and maybe very elderly people, or infirmed people. You might be able to eliminate those folks,” Gavin explained. “But, by the same token, you really have to look through the whole category of people that are on the plane.”

Change course

Prime Minister Najib Razak confirmed that satellite and radar data clearly shows the plane’s automated communications had been disabled and the plane then turned away.

“These movements are consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane,” he said.