Three Steps to Developing your own iPhone App

iphone appOdds are you’ve never heard of a person named Steve Demeter, but chances are good that you’ve played the app he made, Trism. You might be interested to know that Steve made $250,000 in the first two months after he started selling the game. Impressive, considering the app only costs $2.99.

Many more are following in Mr. Demeter’s footsteps and have found success in the market of iPhone apps. If you have a great idea that people will need, why not make an app for it? The capital needed is minimal and the potential rewards may exceed all expectations.


When inspiration strikes, you need to work on it fast. You never know when somebody else might produce something similar and steal your thunder. However, not everyone has the time to learn programming. Luckily, iPhone app developers across all of Melbourne and many other cities sometimes provide development assistance services to do the nitty-gritty aspects of bringing your app to life.


No matter how good a game is though, it won’t gain traction without a brilliant marketing strategy. In order for a game to become a hit, people need to play it first, then get hooked. What Steve did with Trism was to make the game available free, and only started charging when he knew people wanted more.

Almost all successful app developers replicated this strategy when marketing their game. Not only is this strategy good for getting the word out, it doubles as a beta test to find bugs and glitches.

Home Base

You’ve made your app and launched it to the world. Your app is a hit; what do you do next? Almost all iPhone software developers based in Melbourne will tell you to create a website dedicated to your app. This gives your consumers a medium to contact you and get more information about it. Important announcements like upgrades, bug notices, and promos can be delivered in real time. It also allows users to form a community that can discuss certain aspects of your app, contributing their own ideas that can make your invention even better.

Creating an app is easier than most people think, but real work needs to be put in for it to be successful. If you have an idea, don’t let something like lack of programming knowledge stop you. Get help. Who knows, you may create the next multi-million dollar sensation.