Three Things Every Event Planner Needs

planning for an eventEvent planning is one of the professions that rose in significance over the last two decades as multi-national companies turned to globalisation as the most profitable avenue. These companies recognise that only so much business can happen on the phone, making event organisation a viable option to both meet and court potential partners.

The profession’s surge has inspired many entrepreneurs to try their hand in event planning, but many of the smaller entities burn out before they even start. The reason is because most people who endeavour into the event planning world are ill-prepared for the trials they have to face.

There are many websites that offer events planning courses in London, and there are a lot of books and seminars on the subject as well. But, nothing can beat experience, and without a guiding hand, some of those experiences can cause severe mental trauma. There are three things every event planner needs in order to succeed:


Event planners dedicate every waking minute to the success of the event. If someone is still working on something after hours, planners need to be there to supervise and approve. If something needs setting up in the early hours of the morning, the planner needs to be there to dictate where everything goes.

To make money, event planners sometimes need to take more than one project in a certain period, doubling the time they need to be available and alert.


Where you’re located can mean a world of difference in the kinds of clients, and revenue you have as a planner. For example, event planners in Dumfries are going to make substantially less than their London peers.

Planners need to consider the atmosphere of their operations base and form a strategy around the kind of clients and revenue they can expect.

A Mind For Business

Event planning is a weird business, because it’s very chameleon-like in its model. It has no goals or priorities of its own, but adopts the ones that their clients have for the duration of the event. As far as anyone is concerned, the event planning team is the company.

Any victories and failures of the event reflect on the company, and thus, any successful event planner needs to be able to adapt to their clients.

These demands weigh heavily on a lot of people, and it’s not a job just anybody can do. However, if the right person got the right direction, then they could ride the success of the industry straight to the top.