Twitter Translates Egyptian Tweets

As political turmoil continues in Egypt, micro-blogging website Twitter introduces an auto-translate tool for some leading posters in the country.

The Auto-translate feature

twitter translationThis is part of a new service for non-Arabic speakers. As Egypt’s military expelled President Mohammed Morsi, non-Egyptians were able to read tweets in local languages.

Other words being translated included opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei and Arab Spring activist WaelGhonim.

Twitter said they are using Microsoft Bing translator as an “experiment.”

Not yet 100% precise

Twitter’s translation service is clearly not yet 100% exact and they have not officially announced the service, but in a statement posted in AllThingsD, the company said as part of their experiment with tweet text translation, they’ve enabled translation for some of the most-followed accounts in Egypt, so people can better understand and keep up with what’s happening there.

Twitter gave a list of all Egyptian accounts that are part of translation tool, called egypt2013, which has accumulated 63 members.

The list includes popular Wael Ghonim who has 1.1 million followers, and Tharir News, with more than 900,000 followers.

Social network site Facebook also provides a translation feature for its foreign-language posts.