Unlock Your BB Phone

Buying a brand new Blackberry phone means you are getting it in a “locked” condition. In other words, you cannot replace the SIM card that comes with it and use another one from rival carriers. In its “locked” condition, you do not have the ability to change networks or choose the best rates. If you want to make the most out of your BB phone, then you may consider unlocking it.

There are three common reasons why you should unlock your BB. Don’t worry, none of them are illegal:

Traveling abroad

If you are from another country and your business requires you to travel to London, for example, you will need to pay roaming fees to call or send text messages back home. Unfortunately, some carriers charge excessive roaming fees. When you unlock your Blackberry in the UK, you will be able to use it with any local carrier and save you from paying roaming fees. Whether for work or for pleasure, traveling abroad is costly enough. By choosing to have your BB unlocked, you can avoid adding international cellphone rates to your travel expenses.

Switching to other carrier

Phone unlocking technology has made it possible to switch to another network without the need to spend money on another Blackberry phone. By unlocking your Blackberry, you are free to dump your present carrier and move to a cheaper plan offered by another network. Or if you are not satisfied with the services of your current network, you have the freedom to choose a better provider.

Selling your Blackberry

If you are planning to sell your Blackberry in the future, getting it unlocked is a great idea. This is because you are increasing its value to other people who are looking for unlocked BB phones. You will not have a hard time selling your Blackberry since anyone will be able to use it without restrictions.

Unlocking BB phones pose no risk to the device. As mentioned above, it’s not illegal as there’s no hacking involved. All you need to do is enter a simple code, which the manufacturer had put in there in the first place.