Video Production 101

using video editing softwareVideo productions such as documentaries or short films have its share of challenges. For one, making a video on your own can be tedious. You’ll have to find a camera, research, write your script, and even download free video software online to process the final output.

Here’s a quick guide on the basics of video production:


You can work solo if you’ll just upload the video online and hope it goes viral. Doing video work alone is a heavy task, however, and you’ll likely find yourself needing someone to share the workload with. Video productions, especially the ones you see on TV, are products of team effort. Work with your friends or colleagues and make a video that you’ll enjoy making and you’ll be proud to share.


The backbone of your production is the script. You’ll have to research especially if you’re making a documentary or a film with a theme you’re not that familiar with. You’ll have to know the ins and outs of what you’re going to put out. This is to make sure that what the audience will see is genuine. Write a creative script, and then plan out the transitions and sequences of scenes early on. This way, you’ll have an easier time shooting the entire video.


You’ll need equipment, but only the bare essentials. You can always bypass some parts of the production if you don’t have the high-end tools that TV networks have. In a basic setting, all you’ll need is a camera preferably with a microphone and a laptop capable of video editing. If you do have a DSLR camera, make sure that it has an audio jack so you can put a wired mic for easier sound recording. Your laptop should have some basic video editing software and lots of hard drive space.


The last stage of a production entails meticulous work. You’ll have to choose the best shots that you have, cut these, and collate them to create a logical sequence in the video. Plan out the story as stated in your script, but feel free to alter some parts as long as it improves the overall output. Make sure that you understand how video editing programs work. Watch your video twice or thrice, do some final edits, and clean it before you render it.

As long as you keep these things in mind, you’re in for a smoother flow as you create that video. Make sure that you understand these concepts so that you and your team will have a fun experience during the production.