Why Vets Need to Modernize Their Services for Millennial Pet Owners

a family with their dogMillennials make up a majority of pet owners in North America, so it’s not surprising that many veterinary promotional products from companies like Positive Impressions, LLC have been geared exclusively for this market.

In fact, spending in Canada and the U.S. reach $90 billion every year at an annual growth of 8%. Veterinarians have responded to this huge expenditure trend by modernizing their services, which include online platforms for seeking professional advice.

Pet Consultations​

Most pet owners can agree on the familiar dread of being unable to see a veterinarian during an emergency, especially if it occurs in the late hours of the day. This led to the creation of a telemedicine platform, which connects people with certified veterinary clinics. The service debuted in Ontario, Canada in 2017, but it could be a promising venture that may soon pick up steam within North America.

That’s because millennials treat their pets as what some veterinarians describe as starter kids. Many are willing to spend more money on their dogs and cats than they do on themselves, and this includes medical consultations. The willingness to is more apparent among Americans, whose spending is higher than Ukraine’s health budget by 21 times.

Massive Market​

By the end of 2018, U.S. pet owners would have spent $72.1 billion. Millennials will be responsible for most of the figure. The pet industry in Canada may not be as large at around $7 billion, but roughly 65% of homes keep at least one pet.

These figures should serve as a good enough reason for veterinarians to find ways on how to expand their client base among millennials.

A veterinary clinic should focus most of their marketing efforts toward millennials. While telemedicine is a relatively new concept in North America, there are old yet effective ways to improve your services and promote your clinic at the same time.