Are You Doing Any of These Mistakes when Using AdWords?

laptopThe Google Display Network is a collection of websites, such as Gmail, YouTube, and Blogger, that display AdWords ads. Millions of Internet users see these ads. Despite this wide reach, small businesses are anxious about leveraging AdWords due to the high prices of keywords.

Don’t turn your back yet, as paid search is actually a good investment, as long as you play your cards right. One of the best ways to maximize your AdWords campaign is by avoiding the following mistakes:

1. Not optimizing your campaign

PPC can be hard to implement, but spending a little more time with your campaign can put you ahead of other advertisers. Mastering the art of creating campaign keywords is key to success in AdWords. Think like a customer and write down possible keywords related to your business.

Be sure to experiment with different keywords that can get you the right customers. Check out Google’s Keyword Planner to help you find keywords and see the possible traffic associated with them.

2. Not choosing a primary platform

Focus on one platform first and figure out how it works, especially if you are new to online ads. There are many online advertising platforms available and trying everything at the same time can cost you money. It also makes it hard to figure out which one actually works.

3. Not keeping it local and other AdWords experts in Denver suggest that instead of choosing a keyword for everybody, keep your keywords local. Target your location or region. This gives you the advantage of getting specific customers and keeping your ads from showing up when searches are too general.

Paid search can be a good thing for your business. If you’re not seeing any progress, you may be doing something wrong. Check if you’re making any of these mistakes and start improving your efforts.