Facebook-Google Rat Race In Mobile Advertising Business

Facebook logo(square)Mobile advertising, which is dominated by search giant Google, is something social media platform Facebook is likely to be focusing on. This is after Facebook’s overall revenues reach $31 billion this year.

Experts Say

Experts say that spending on mobile ad worldwide had grown by 105% last year, and it will expand to $31.5 billion this year. Web giants Google and Facebook are in a race, as seen in the netted 67% of mobile ads of the pair in 2013.  Adjustments have been prominent after Facebook’s share of revenues tripled to 18% last year. What experts commended is that it’s only the social media website’s second year in the mobile ad business.

What Caused the Improvement

Facebook’s improvement in the mobile ad biz is basically due to the company’s efforts to follow their users who are migrating from desktop to phones. On the other hand, the social network has also taken advantage of the prices of mobile ads, despite the hike. Success is also attributed to the company’s strategic deployment.