Learn Search Engine Optimisation from Google Itself

Google's search results pageGoogle has a Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide where you, and other business owners new to SEO, can begin to learn and use search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO refers to the process of making your business website more visible on search engines including Google.

The tech giant released the starter guide back in 2008. However, it is only now – nine years later – did they update it. Look below at some new and old insights that the guide offers.

Hire Professionals

Right from the onset, Google already suggests that you hire an SEO expert. You can find an SEO agency in Singapore, and, as Google says, the professionals can help you implement SEO across your business’ entire online platform.

The earlier you hire, the better as well, since the professionals can design your entire website from the ground up with SEO in mind.

Learn the Standard Basics

Aside from hiring an SEO expert, Google will also teach you how to make your website visible on its own search engine. You can do so by submitting a sitemap that helps Google find your site and informs it of new or updated pages.

You will also learn how to make your website understandable for Google, and in turn, web users.

Make Space for Mobile

The lessons above consist of the basics of SEO, but with the updated guide, you will learn how to keep mobile-friendly websites in mind too. Google has recently updated its algorithm that prioritises mobile-optimised sites first over websites without mobile support.

With the guide and the help of professionals, you can build a website then that web users can access across many devices, especially mobile.

You can learn much more about SEO, as well as how to do it well, with the guide offered by Google. Of course, you also have to practice these lessons to make them work for your business.