SEO Options for Small, Medium, and Big Businesses

Importance of SEOInterested in SEO, but unsure if you have the resources for it? Every business regardless of size could benefit from SEO, whether you’re a huge corporation or a small mom-and-pop shop. If you’re concerned about your budget and can’t possibly invest in an SEO strategy with all the bells and whistles, you don’t truly have to.

What’s Your SEO Strategy?

Small businesses typically have limited resources and think that they don’t need someone to do their SEO for them, which isn't true. You could focus on SEO services based on your specific needs. For instance, you could invest in content marketing if you sell products solely online, such as Google Adwords and social media marketing. You can also foster relationships with authority websites relevant to your business to exchange links, advises SEO Werkz and other experienced SEO consultants in Utah. If you have a physical address, you could go for Adwords, online branding, public relations, and local SEO services.

Some medium-sized businesses still have budget issues, but they obviously have more resources to spare than small businesses. To start, you need to have a thorough SEO audit and start from there. In general, you will need public relations, content marketing, and social media marketing. More importantly, you’ll probably need an outsourced or in-house SEO consultant to manage your SEO efforts and monitor them.

Large and more established businesses, on the other hand, have all the resources they need to roll out a no-holds-barred SEO campaign. B2B or business-to-business organizations need to focus on technical SEO, comprehensive content marketing, and social media marketing. While B2C or business-to-consumer organizations, which usually allot a huge budget for marketing, could definitely invest in all SEO services imaginable. For these companies, the sky’s the limit.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to SEO, don’t let your lack of budget stop you. As you could see from the suggestions above, there are options available to businesses of different sizes — you simply need to figure out what your business needs. The main thing to remember is that regardless of whatever approach or strategy you select, you have to plan well, allot a workable budget, and don’t go over it — unless you have to.