Utilising Social Media for Successful Local Online Marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a collection of online marketing techniques that help a website have more online presence. Local SEO is more specific, allowing business owners to target a specific audience in a local area. A Melbourne SEO company, for example, may concentrate on helping a company become well-known in such a large and populated city.

Know the Audience and Target the Right People

With the popularity of social media and their mobile app counterparts, brands can easily put themselves out there and reach a wide network of people. When it comes to local SEO, quality trumps quantity. It’s important to hire SEO services that have expertise on local online marketing, as they can research how the target demographic behaves and use that data to their benefit.

Remember that buyers appreciate proximity and convenience. It’s possible for a site to be at the top of global listings, but the company only caters to nearby physical locations. In such cases, website visits from all over the world become useless. In the same manner, buyers may also get frustrated with irrelevant global results when searching for a local product or service.

Social media is a powerful tool that can help boost local relevance. Sites such as Facebook and FourSquare, for example, have mobile apps and sites that allow people to “check in” whenever they’re at an establishment using their smart phone or tablet. Doing so may potentially arouse the curiosity of other people in their list of friends, giving a company additional exposure.

Use Each Social Media Site Wisely

Business profiles on social networks each have their own specific purposes. For those that want to post announcements, hold simple contests, and interact quickly with customers, sites like Twitter and Facebook work great and provide a quick turnaround. Google+ Places and FourSquare, on the other hand, can help people find nearby establishments and post reviews about their experiences.

As with all other SEO techniques available, it’s important to know your limits and use your tools wisely. Misuse may lead to poor online reputation that may affect a business and its profits. It’s easy to hire a company to start a successful online marketing campaign, but it takes expertise to handle the social-local (SoLo) part of SEO.

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