Wal-Mart Cuts Ties With Paula Deen

walmart paula deenIn what seems as a series of unfortunate events for the once-adored TV chef, Wal-Mart has moved to drop and sever its ties with Paula Deen, the fourth company to do so after a week of scandal that ousted the queen of Southern cooking off her throne.

“We are ending our relationship with Paula Deen Enterprises and we will not place new orders beyond those already committed,” said Wal-Mart spokesperson Danit Marquardt in a statement Wednesday. “We will work with suppliers to address existing inventories and agreements.”

Wal-Mart is the latest of Deen’s endorsers to drop her over a scandal involving the Food Network chef and a statement she made under oath during a court deposition. In a voice recording of the deposition, Deen admitted to using the N-word that’s offensive to most African-American people.

The Food Network, which is Deen’s home network, along with Smithsfield Foods and Caesars Entertainment also announced they will end their connection with the Savannah, Georgia-born chef. Target, Sears, and QVC all said they will continue to monitor the situation and would have to evaluate their relationships with Deen before making a decision.

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, carries a variety of Paula Deen brand products of mostly cookware and health and wellness products in its stores for several years.