What’s New in SEO?: The Facts You Need to Know

reliable seo companySearch engine optimization is a digital marketing practice that is ever-changing. It’s not uncommon to find strategies that were once the pillar of SEO to be useless in today’s web development. In fact, yesterday’s tactics may land you in the blacklists today. This is why it’s important to find an SEO company in Australia that’s always on top of their game.

So, what does search engine optimization look like today?

The Rise of Social Media

These days, content still reigns supreme and linking is still relevant. There is, however, another factor that’s rising up the ranks—social media. Through social media platforms, the number of times a piece of content is linked can grow organically. In addition, the number of social media mentions dictate not only trends online but in the real world, too.

Think Like a Searcher

Keyword mentions are still essential in creating strategic and optimised content. While the specifics have changed after the Google Panda and Penguin updates, the technique remains the same: think like an internet user. Inserting possible keywords your target market may key in is a sure-fire way to help get your content noticed. This is the backbone of any effective and successful online marketing strategy.

The Right Connections

Inbound linking has changed in recent years. A page no longer ranks depending on the number of links pointing to it; it’s the quality that matters now. As with real-life connections, your website’s online connections may be its ticket to success, or even failure. A link from big important websites can cause your rankings to skyrocket, while spammy links will hurt your web presence.

Work with a search engine optimisation team that considers all relevant factors currently prioritized by the leading search engines. Google authorship integration and author ranking give each piece of content integrity, which helps search engines weed out genuine articles from automated content. Optimised URLs, improved title tags and headings, and even longer content are only some of the factors search engines now look for in websites.

Apart from content, linking, and social media, these other elements are of importance. It’s more important than ever for companies to find a way to combine these factors into a working strategy.