3 Alarming Statistics About Children and Divorce

Sad kid with parents arguing in the backgroundDivorces, no matter how amicable and simple you make it, are messy, especially if there are children involved. It has physical, emotional, and psychological damages to the children. Here are some of the alarming statistics about divorce and teenagers that you should know.

Keep these in mind if you’re working with a family attorney here in Denver, CO as you try to ease the adverse effects of the separation on your kids.

Health Statistics

A study found that children affected by divorce are 50 percent more likely to have health problems compared to their counterparts whose parents remained married. A similar study found that these children are more prone to experience headaches, asthma, injury, and speech impairments.

In a separate study, researchers found that children who live with both of their biological parents are 20 percent to 35 percent healthier physically compared to those affected by divorce.

Education and Social Statistics

Also, a study found that children with divorced parents are two times more likely to drop out of high school compared to those whose parents are not divorced. On the other hand, they found that children of divorce to be four times more likely to have problems with their peers compared to non-divorce children.

Among them, divorce-affected boys are found to be more aggressive towards other children. In one study, findings showed that children affected by divorce end up with lower paying jobs compared to their non-divorce peers.

Depression and Suicide Statistics

In one study, researchers found that people who come from broken families are nearly twice as likely to try suicide compared to people whose families are unaffected by divorce. They found teenagers affected by divorce to be 35 percent more likely to require psychological help compared to their non-divorce peers.

Now that you know how divorce can affect your children short-term and long-term, try to keep it as quiet as you can so you don’t suffer from the damages it can leave your children.