Certified Legal Nurse Consultant: A New Field of Profession

Law photo concept, showing booksLaw and medicine are two of the biggest professions in the world. They are also two of the least connected fields of study. Therefore, trying a criminal case that involves medical jargons can indeed be a challenge. This is where a certified legal nurse consultant comes in.

What is a certified legal nurse consultant?

A certified legal nurse consultant is a professional in the nursing industry who is qualified to work as a consultant in legal medical cases. They can be either current or former practicing nurses. This profession is relatively new (it started in the 1980s) yet attainable. All you need is to become a registered nurse and receive certifications from authorizing bodies.

By becoming one, you'll serve as an interpreter by explaining medical terms and jargons in a manner that legal professionals, as well as laymen, could fully understand. You'll not only be well-versed in the field of nursing, but you'll also have a firm foundation on the legal aspects of medicine and health care industry.

What are their responsibilities?

1. Review medical records

Doing so will help you and your client have a full grasp of the issue and see whether medical malpractice due to negligence took place.

2. Case investigation

This is a task everyone must do. Legal nurse consultants mostly investigate cases to determine whether compensation and claims are due, fraud or abuse of government funded agencies were present, or whether health care misconduct took place.

3. Preparing for trials

Legal nurse consultants provide medical draft reports, as well as summaries and chronologies, to clients. They can also draft questions for attorneys to use during medical dispositions.

Thanks to these consultants, there is now a bridge that connects these two different fields of profession. With their help, legal medical cases will undergo proper trial and justice can be served swiftly.