Determining the Amount of Child Support

a little boy hugs his fatherWhat happened recently to Hollywood actress Jodie Sweetin occurs to some parents in Colorado as well. They are required by the court to sustain the financial needs of their children after dissolving their marriage. After determining some factors, the judge decides the monthly amount that will be settled by the non-custodial parent. In the case of Sweetin, the court requires her to pay $2,800 to Morty Coyle, her former spouse.

Determining the Amount

Though child support laws vary slightly from state to state, its primary goal is to promote the general welfare of the child. There are family law attorneys in Denver who help parents determine the fair amount they should accept from their estranged spouse. Basically, both the parents’ income and deductions dictate the amount of support they need to pay.

What Coyle did was to claim that Sweetin earns an approximate annual income of $700,000. The County Superior Judge upheld the ruling even when Sweetin presented a different financial report. Healthcare and childcare costs are also determined to make sure that parents adequately provide all the child’s basic needs.

Other Factors That May Increase Child Support Payments

In some situations, a judge may decide that a parent should pay more child support depending on the condition of the support recipient. Non-custodial parents who rarely visit their children are often required to pay more. Payments may also increase if the child requires special needs for disability or education. Parents can use a child support calculator to give them a rough idea of how much they should receive from their estranged spouse.

Determining child support amount is essential to promote the child’s overall welfare. Though it can be confusing to decide on a fair amount, some attorneys are dedicated to representing parents in court.