General Damages Categories for Personal Work-Related Injuries

Lawyer and client on personal injuryOver 40% of personal injuries reported in the US annually are workplace-related. Personal protection while working remains a responsibility of the employee and employer. Most employers are however negligent of personal protection to maximize their profits.

If you have sustained a workplace injury, William R. Rawlings & Associates notes there are two compensatory damage categories a Utah-based personal injury lawyer might help you get. These include special and general damages.

The special damages ‘reimburse’ the out-of-pocket costs related to your injury. General damages are meant for compensation for your injury but are not very easy to compute. Here are the general damages types you can get for your injury.

Pain and Suffering

This general damage category recompenses your pain and suffering arising after the injury. Everyone’s tolerance for pain is nevertheless different making it hard to establish your pain and suffering’s exact amount.

The court may hence evaluate your length of treatment, pain medications, recovery period and quality of life following your injury to establish your amount.

Loss of Consortium

Some injuries affect the enjoyment of your companionship activities. Loss of consortium damages is intended to reimburse you for this loss. Though the amount awarded is in most cases minimal, the damages will boost the quality of life for people who suffer significant impairments such as paraplegia.

Psychological Anguish

Mental anxiety and psychological distress commonly occur with pain and suffering after injury. There are strict guidelines on the amount awarded for mental anguish in personal injury cases to curtail fraud. There is hence a ‘physical manifestation’ rule tied to mental distress.

This rule requires the exhibition of psychological symptoms like depression, weight changes and anxiety before the award of compensation.

Most people only know of special damages for the compensation for their personal injuries. The above general damage categories will, however, restore your life to as near normal as possible. It is essential to get a well-versed attorney to ensure you get a fair general damages amount.