Have a Criminal Lawyer on Speed Dial — Here Are 2 Compelling Reasons

Man holding onto prison barsFacing a criminal charge is a serious affair that comes bearing negative consequences. At that moment, you stand the risk of a criminal record, jail time and loss of future job prospects. Given that your entire life is at stake, you need to bring in the big guns, explains a criminal defense law firm in Lynnwood.

Having credible legal counsel makes the difference between jail time and dismissal. Having the right counsel on your corner protects your rights and ensures the best possible outcome for your case.

Early representation

Failing to retain the services of a credible attorney immediately after an arrest can be your undoing. Naturally, the police will want to conduct an interrogation after your arrest.

While that might seem like a harmless exercise, it is anything but harmless. If anything, the interrogator is looking for evidence to help them build a case against you.

Rather than incriminate yourself, insist on having a lawyer represent you. Otherwise, a skilled interrogator can trick you into making incriminating statements. In turn, they will use these statements against you when the trial comes up.

Chances of a plea bargain

Depending on the charges brought against you, there is a slight chance of them not escalating to formal charges. Of course, you need a brilliant legal mind to keep this from happening. For an alternative outcome to happen, you need to involve a lawyer from the get-go.

Having them by your side can lead to lesser charges, a plea bargain, or dropping of the charges altogether. After hearing an account of the arrest, an attorney determines if there’s bargaining room with the prosecutor. If there is, they can negotiate terms and spare you the ordeal of a criminal trial.

A criminal charge carries severe life-changing penalties for the convicted offender. Having excellent legal representation after an arrest makes the difference between your freedom and a stint in jail.