Watch Every Step: Prove Liability in Slip and Fall Accidents

man walkingFrom a wet floor in the grocery store to an uneven sidewalk or footpath at work, a slip and trip accident can occur almost anywhere.

“Slip and trip” is a term used for personal injury cases involving a person who slips or trips and falls within the premises of someone else’s property. Statistics from Health and Safety Executive show that more than half of all major injuries between 2010 and 2011 were caused by slip and fall accidents.

If you have slipped or tripped and sustained injuries because someone failed in their duty to keep you safe, you can file an accident injury claim. By filing for compensation, you will receive the support you need to aid your recovery and get back on track. You will also reduce the risk of someone else experiencing the same thing.

Here is how you can prove liability:

Demonstrate That the Property Presents a Dangerous Condition

In order to win, you need to prove that the cause of the accident was a “dangerous condition,” which the property owner is aware of. Poor lighting, torn carpeting, uneven flooring, narrow stairs, and wet floors are some most common dangerous conditions a property may present.

Show That the Owner Caused It

To establish that the owner is aware of the condition, you need to show that the person caused it, but has done nothing to correct it. It is also important to prove that the condition existed long enough for someone to notice or discover it.

Cite Violated Statute

An easy way to prove liability is to show that the property owner violated a relevant statute. Building regulations, for instance, often indicate when and where handrails and other building features must be installed. If you fall on a stairway that lacked appropriate handrails and sustain a head injury, you can file a head injury claim, citing the owner’s violation of the building code as a valid reason.

Under British law, you have a right to file for compensation if you have slipped or tripped and believe the accident is caused by someone’s negligence. Hire a personal injury attorney to get what is due you.