New Apps Beneficial During Job Hunting

Searching for a job is difficult, but a range of smartphones and web apps can help narrow down job searches and even provide details on the competition. Job apps designed to customize employment searches Free apps such as SimplyHired, Indeed, and Monster for iPhone and [Read More]

Top Reasons for Car Crash

It could be one of your life-changing moments. Your one hand was on the steering wheel while the other was holding your phone against your ear. Then all of a sudden—CRASH! You might have survived the crash and even be one of those who can [Read More]

Scientists Uncover New Planet’s True Color

For the first time, scientists reveal the actual, visible color of a distant planet outside the local solar system. Planet HD 189733b, an exoplanet approximately 63 light years from earth, has a deep cobalt blue color based from observations using the Hubble Space Telescope. A [Read More]

Logistics: The Long and Short of Building Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Amateurs discuss tactics; the professionals discuss logistics”. He couldn’t have said it more precisely. Logistics is not about just transporting and shipping cargoes to different locations; it is more than just bringing you from point A to point B. Logistics is [Read More]

Unlock Your BB Phone

Buying a brand new Blackberry phone means you are getting it in a “locked” condition. In other words, you cannot replace the SIM card that comes with it and use another one from rival carriers. In its “locked” condition, you do not have the ability [Read More]

16 Year Old Becomes Overnight Sensation Thanks To Natural Autotune

Emmalene “Emma” Robinson, a 16-year-old high school junior, turned into an overnight YouTube sensation thanks to her “natural Auto-Tune” skills. Auto-Tune software, with its robot-like voice modulation features, caused big controversy in the music and entertainment industry. Established musicians like T-Pain and Kanye West received [Read More]