Signs of Tobacco-Smoke Found In Non-Smoking Rooms

A new research reported that hotels with a history of smoking still had the lingering effects of tobacco smoke pollution, known as third hand smoke. The study added that visitors who stayed in hotels that only allowed smoking in certain rooms are still exposed. Study [Read More]

Honda To Build A Factory For CVTs

Honda Motor Co. plans to build a $470 million factory in Celaya, Mexico, to assemble continuously variable transmissions (CVTs). The factory will operate alongside a plant under construction that’s scheduled to produce the next-generation Fit hatchback and a Fit-based crossover. According to Honda’s management, the [Read More]

Floods In Seti River Threatens Nepal Tourism

Nepal’s tourism faces an increased risk after a sudden flood in Seti River shifted the course of the river. The flood has created new cliffs that threaten a number of commercial buildings along the area, which was once a popular tourist site. Geographers and hydrologists [Read More]

Portugal’s Shoe Industry Stepping Up

Despite economic challenges, a Portuguese industry is making great strides. Shoemaking, one of the most traditional and oldest industries in the country is expanding its export market. To gain attraction, some shoemakers in the country started to adopt Anglo-Saxon names, making them stand out in [Read More]