Understanding Belly Fat to Get Rid of It

When you have belly fat, it’s likely that you’re constantly finding ways to get rid of it. You can try to maintain a healthy diet or even exercise daily to get rid of your annoying bulge of belly fat. Proper diet and exercise may help [Read More]

On Car Colors and Why They Matter

Buying a car entails a lot of planning and consideration. From engine specifications to exterior features, the tiniest detail can make or break the deal. But after finding the vehicle that falls right in your driving preferences and budget, car color can make you think [Read More]

Meeting the Parents: What to Wear

Maybe it’s only been a couple of dates and they barely know you exist, or it’s already been a few months and they’ve heard so much about you. Regardless of how much time has passed, meeting your partner’s parents for the first time can be [Read More]

How to Create a Pet-Friendly Household

Designing a house involves careful planning, as it involves different factors for everyone live comfortably. These include making it ideal for the family and their pets. “You can have a beautiful house and a pet, too,” says the author of “Animal House Style: Designing a [Read More]

To Serve and Protect Your Home

For every ten seconds, a burglary is committed all over the world. Burglars attack homes without a security system more often compared to homes equipped with one. They even take time to dress as executives before entering your home. This is why an alarm system [Read More]

Former Boxing Champion Emile Griffith Dies

Emile Griffith, the former world boxing champion whose career was overshadowed by the fatal beating he gave Bennie Paret in a 1962 title bout, died at 75 after a long battle with pugilistic dementia. The boxer known for his fatal fight The first boxer to [Read More]