How to Choose the Right Trainers

Sports and other athletic activities are a big part of many children’s lives. But choosing trainers for your kid is different from choosing his everyday shoes. Since he’ll be doing activities, such as running, jumping, and kicking, his feet must be protected and supported properly. [Read More]

Good Eats in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a perfect destination for people looking for great dining experience. The city is home to many restaurants and eat-out joints that offer different types of cuisines. Every customer or traveler will surely find the best treats to satisfy their taste buds. The [Read More]

Similan Islands: Guide to a Perfect Getaway

Thailand is an excellent diving destination. Similan, for one, is a group of islands in the Andaman Sea, off the coast of Phang Nga Province, Southern Thailand. This is the ideal spot if you want to enjoy an exceptional diving and marine life in Asia. [Read More]

Google Glass Now Bans Pornographic Content

Soon after the launch of the first pornographic application appeared for Google Glass, the American multinational corporation has changed its Glass Platform Developer policies, banning apps that contain sexually explicit content. Zero Tolerance The first paragraph of the content policies says that Google doesn’t allow [Read More]

Experience Nature in a Different Way

Nature and wildlife adventure travel trips are becoming more popular nowadays. More travellers are choosing to spend their family vacation interacting with wild animals in exotic places. So if you’re interested in the same thing, here’s a list of the most exciting nature and wildlife [Read More]

Samsung Is Trying To Be More Like Apple

South Korean firm, Samsung, is now courting some of its competitor’s main parts suppliers, overtaking Apple Inc. as the world’s leading smartphones maker. After expensive courtroom debates over technology patents, the two gadget giants are now going one-on-one over securing the best supply of parts [Read More]

Signs of Tobacco-Smoke Found In Non-Smoking Rooms

A new research reported that hotels with a history of smoking still had the lingering effects of tobacco smoke pollution, known as third hand smoke. The study added that visitors who stayed in hotels that only allowed smoking in certain rooms are still exposed. Study [Read More]

Honda To Build A Factory For CVTs

Honda Motor Co. plans to build a $470 million factory in Celaya, Mexico, to assemble continuously variable transmissions (CVTs). The factory will operate alongside a plant under construction that’s scheduled to produce the next-generation Fit hatchback and a Fit-based crossover. According to Honda’s management, the [Read More]