Experience the Beauty of Alaska

Vacation in AlaskaIf you’re looking for an adrenaline and fun filled weekend, Alaska should be occupying the number one spot in your vacation list. Alaska offers the Tongass temperate Forest, which is uniquely different from the usual forests in the United States. Apart from being cooler and wetter compared to other forests, there are ice fields bordering Tongass. Because of the unique combination of the wet climate and geography that Tongrass has, it has given rise to a complex and widely varied types of habitat: wetlands, scrublands, forest, ocean, and ice. These diverse ecosystems give life to numerous foliage and wildlife.

Your trip to Alaska will be packed with numerous outdoor activities that will keep you busy from day one until the last day of your vacation. So, what should you look forward to on your trip? Here are some of the exciting activities you can do:

Hiking you say? Tongass offers thrilling hiking trails.

From mountains to lakes and even to glaciers, Alaska offers different types of trails that will give you spectacular and breathtaking views to uplift the spirit. These trails will lead you to mountains, forests, lakes and ice glaciers, which will satisfy your thirst for an adventure.

Can’t get enough of the ice and cold? Take a cruise!

If hiking the trail to the glacier is not enough, numerous cruises will take you along the lake bordering the ice fields, giving you a great view of the ice peaks and formations. Apart from the beauty of the glaciers, the cruise will also treat you with close up views of the exotic wildlife living on the island, such as otters, seals, black bears, bald eagles, and birds.

Where’s the fun in staying dry? Try the water sports activities.

Kayaking through Auke Bay will let you enjoy the splendor of the Mendenhall Glacier while gliding along clear waters. This will give you an opportunity to commune with nature, making it perfect for soul searching. Kayak rental shops in Alaska will help you with every gear you need to make your experience memorable and extraordinary.

Alaska offers numerous activities, which will keep you busy and entertained for your whole stay, but don’t worry, if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, you can also find it in Alaska with its beautiful lakes and snowfields. So come on, visit Alaska, and treat yourself and your family to a wonderful experience.