Instant Articles for an Instant Boost in Traffic?

SEOAt first glance, Facebook’s Instant Articles feature may not seem like a huge update. After all, its purpose is just to create a better user experience for mobile users through better content presentation.

Some SEO experts don’t pay it any mind, but they should — and so should you.

Various publishers across the globe are already using Instant Articles, offering a preview of the said feature before its full public release on April 12. But before you jump into this new feature, it’s important to know the requirements for enabling content on Instant Articles and how it affects SEO efforts.

Instant Articles: The User’s Point-Of-View

Facebook Instant Articles shares similarities with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Publishers can share links to the original articles posted on their site. According to the experts at Web Captain, when mobile app users click the link, the site takes them to the Instant Article version of the content. Desktop users who click the same post end up with the original article on the publisher’s site.

More Content Wanted

Any publisher or individual using content to establish authority must pay attention to additional content. Your ‘one post every couple of months’ approach can only take you so far. Some of these articles will no longer cut, a major con, especially if you want to maximize Instant Articles. Remember: it takes at least 50 articles before you receive approval.

When publishers also incorporate the right keyword optimization, adding more articles results in visible keywords during your organic search.

Taking Content Formatting Seriously

If you plan on making full use of Instant Articles, you’ll start noticing specific formatting elements in your articles. Since Facebook will be looking for headers, author attribution, image and video captions, and other related article links, it’s time to pay attention to these.

These factors are advantageous for SEO. Just make sure to optimize your article titles, captions, and subtitles. Also, all related article links should encourage crawlers to index more pages on your site, which boosts link value.

April is fast approaching and so is Facebook’s new publishing platform. It’s never too late to start early for your website. Using this new feature boosts your website’s SEO and helps you monetize the Facebook network itself.