Keeping the Fun Out: Tips in Child Supervision

Child Supervision in AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque is a huge place. In fact, it's the biggest city in New Mexico and there is a lot to see. It sure is a perfect place for a family outing, until you have children running back and forth, round and about, and you worry about them causing an accident or worse, getting lost.

Read on to see what you can do to keep the family fun in Albuquerque.

Talk to them

Before going for fun family activities in Albuquerque, talk to them about the things they should and should not do. Talk to them about your own house rules and make it clarify the possible consequences when they bend these rules. When they respect them, it will be easier for you too to “handle” them.

However, keep in mind that you are dealing with kids. Cut them some slack and make reasonable rules.

Keep looking

Even when you made your rules clearer to them than the clearest lake waters, you can never predict your kids’ actions and more often than not, the break them. Keep on the lookout as if they are about to explode anytime you are not looking. Moreover, this way you can keep them safe because you can never know who comes near your child or what they tell them unless you watch them closely.


This applies especially to those kids who have yet to learn how to speak. Pin a simple identification card to them with their name including your contact information or even address – best if you include someone else’s contact too. In case, god forbid, your kid gets lost, a good Samaritan may check out the ID and will contact you in no time.

Memorize a phone number

Aside from the identification, you may have your kids memorize your address and name in case of emergency. They can also memorize a phone number, preferably not yours and anyone’s he/she is with, again, in case of emergency. 911 is easier to remember if a lengthy phone number is too much. Aside from that, tell your children who to trust, like police officers, and not so they know who to talk to when in need of help.

It is a scary world out there, but it should not be for your children.