Prevent Food Contamination in Restaurants

Chef Handling FoodDid you know that about 500 New Zealanders suffer from food poisoning every single day? Food contamination gets more serious if you’re a senior, pregnant, or you have a weak immune system. If you’re a restaurant operator, you need to ensure proper and safe food handling. Here are some ways on how to do it.

Ensure proper sanitation

In 2016, a listeria outbreak was linked to Dole Salad, and the issue was traced back to the company’s factory in Ohio. The state wide listeria contamination left 12 people sick and one dead. The sanitation experts at Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd says that companies can prevent these food-related PR nightmares by ensuring that their factories adhere to sanitation and food safety standards. Sanitation agents with their ATP testing equipment helps them effectively monitor the cleanliness of their equipment surfaces.

Educate employees in safe food handling and precautions

In 2015, a McDonald’s operator in New York was slapped with a lawsuit after accidentally exposing its diners to hepatitis A due to a sick crew member. Employees should be taught how to properly wash their hands after a trip to the loo and especially before handling any food or beverage. Food contamination such as this can lead to costly lawsuits.

Practice regular food testing

Following the long-winding E.coli outbreak in several Chipotle branches in 2016, the company hired a former critic to help them upgrade food safety protocol. By regularly practising and updating food testing and handling protocol, restaurants can help prevent food contamination and outbreaks that could ruin their businesses.

Monitoring Food Safety

Restaurant operators have a big responsibility to the general public to ensure that the food and drinks they’re serving are safe to consume. If you don’t want to suffer big losses and massive PR nightmares linked to food contamination, consider these tips and promote food safety.