The Low Down on Lockdown: How Bail Bond Agents Can Help

prisoner in jailIf you are arrested, the option to post bail may be made available. Bail allows you temporary freedom from jail until such a time that a trial is scheduled for charges against you.  But sometimes, the bail may be steep, and for that, you need a bail bond agent.

A bail bond is a form of payment made on your behalf by a bail bond agent (also known as a bail bondsman.) In Utah, Beehive Bail Bonds notes that a bail bond agents can help you during the bail process but knowing what they do can help demystify the whole situation.

Basics of Bail Bonds

A bail bondsman/bail bond agent acts as surety on your behalf in front of the court. Simply put, a bail bond agent guarantees the court that they will pay the full fee should you, the defendant, fail to appear for a court date.

Bail bondsmen earn their keep by charging clients a fee at the standard rate of 10-15%. Bail bonds agents require collateral or some form of security against the bond as well as having you sign a contract stating the terms of their agreement. Collateral can come in the form of jewelry, vehicles, or even homes.

If you jump bail, you forfeit your right from getting the money paid back and the bail bonds agent may repossess any of the collateral wilfully.

Agent of Choice

Selecting the right bail bond agent may seem like an intimidating task. After all, when it comes to bail bonds, money talks. But most defense attorneys work hand in hand with bail bonds agents. If you are consulting with your lawyer, ask about a bail bond agent that comes highly recommended.

You can also check review sites like the Better Business Bureau to see if the bail bond agent of choice is reputable.

A good bail bond agent will be willing to work with you throughout the entire bail process and guide you through each step. They will be willing to answer questions and provide you with legal documentation all throughout.

Getting arrested can be harrowing a stressful but hopefully, with the help of a bail bondsman, you will be free in no time. And picking the right bail bond agent can help you be free of both charges and payments.