3 Tips on Creating Engaging Baby Shower Invites

EasterWhen it comes to life’s most precious moments, nothing is more exciting than the birth of a baby. This is why people “shower” parents-to-be with gifts. Thus, the popularity of baby shower parties. Baby showers are a great way to show your love and anticipation for a little one’s coming. Whether you’re organizing a party for your soon-to-be niece or for a friend’s baby, the celebration makes people feel connected to the important event in a couple’s life.

Planning a baby shower involves accomplishing several different tasks, including finding a venue, setting the perfect date, and drawing up the guest list, but one of the most important of all is creating the invitations.

Here are some tips on putting together invites that both inform and delight:

Consider the Parents-to-be

Invitations set the tone for an event. CandlesandFavors.com, a site offering baby shower invitations and other party accessories, suggests choosing a style that matches the chosen theme and suits the personalities of both parents-to-be. If they’re both sporty, for example, design an invite that reflects their favorite sports. If they love the outdoors, on the other hand, an invitation with a nature or landscape theme will be perfect.

Add an Element of Fun to How You Phrase Things

The wording on an invitation is a great way to bring the theme of the party together. Be creative; include an element of fun to excite guests. Add a catchy phrase to grab the attention of the recipients. For example: “Jean’s precious baby girl is on her way, why don’t we help her prepare for the special day?”

Double-check the Facts

Check the spelling of the honoree’s name and the location of the event. If you’re using a gift registry service, make sure you have the right registry information so guests won’t have problems picking presents. Encourage a timely reply from guests. If you are surprising the mother-to-be, make sure all details and connivances are finalized.

The invitation will set the stage for the event to come, so plan carefully.