3 Ways to Give Your Room a Colourful Makeover

Room MakeoverLet’s face it—giving your room a makeover can be costly. But, the renewed comfort that comes with it? Priceless.

Most of you might not entertain the idea of repainting the walls or buying new furniture to add more style to your like-centuries-old room. For one, it might be because of lack of time; it might also be because of the trouble that comes with it.

So, if you still want to give more life to your room without compromising your time, budget and effort, consider these simple tricks. The magic comes right after.

1. Put a DIY lampshade. Ever tried making your own home accessory without spending so much cash? Then, bring out those art materials, preferably coloured art papers, and cut them in various sizes and shapes. Next, bring out your used cardboard and get the appropriate size for your lamp. Cut a few circles on the board and stick the art materials inside the DIY shade. Voila! Your DIY lampshade will boost the colours inside your room when the lights are on.
2. Repaint your drawers. One of the most exciting things to do in your bedroom is to repaint the furniture. You can accentuate the colours depending on your preference or room theme. If you are scared to do it on your own, you can ask reliable interior painters Perth residents highly recommend.
3. Make your sheets colourful. New bed sheet colours and designs are now available in the market. You might have stored a few unused bed sheets in your storage room—they just need a few touches to recreate them into something new. Mix and match your old sheets and stitch portions with each other. In no time, you’ll make another DIY accessory that enhances your room’s interior.

There are tons of room makeover ideas to choose from. You just need to be more imaginative and creative.