Alcoholic Beverages: Heart of Memorable Parties

Parties are never complete without alcoholic beverages. In fact, social drinking has been a part of cultures around the globe. Whether you’re with your family or friends, a liter of Ciroc is a great way to make the moment more fun and worthwhile.

Not sure what liquor to buy? There are many kinds of alcoholic beverages and it may be to choose one. Understanding the ABCs behind its process and ingredients may help you decide what to choose.


Whiskey is a type of alcohol distilled from grains of barley, rye, and corn. Distillation is two to three times, and then aged in oak barrels. The longer the aging period is, the more complex the flavor. Renowned whiskey brands include Jack Daniels and the world famous, Johnny Walker. Whiskeys are perfect when served on the rocks.


Vodkas are the heart of parties. This hard liquor from Eastern Europe and Russia is one of the purest spirits. Vodka manufacturers refine grain, potatoes, or sugar beets several times to produce an almost pure, clear ethanol, and then they add water to make it drinkable liquor. Vodkas are often used in cocktails.


Loving the taste of Jose Cuervo? Then tequilas are the best liquor to buy for your party. Tequila drinkers typically take a shot then followed by a slice of citrus fruit or tomato juice. Margarita cocktails and Tequila Sunrises use tequila added with a fruit juice to make a strong taste.


Brandy is a form of distilled grape wine, but other manufacturers use fruits such as pears, plum, and apple for distillation. Brandy lovers usually sip this beverage as a nightcap, but over the years, brands like Hennessy and Remy Martin have gained popularity as party drinks.


Wines are crushed and pressed grapes fermented naturally. While some people invest some time understanding all the different kinds of wines, you can divide them into a number of kinds including, red, white, rose, champagne, and fortified wines. If you’re living near Massapequa, wine factories are easy to find, giving you more convenient shopping.

Now that you understand the taste behind these alcoholic beverages, the thing that matter now is your alcohol tolerance. Partying is more fun when you drink moderately. Enjoy the night and know your limits for a more memorable gathering.