Before Sprucing Up Your Home: The Elements of Interior Design

Some think that designing home interiors is as simple as painting the walls with new colors, putting up showy pieces of wall art, and arranging the furnishings in a different way. All these are actually part of any remodeling project, but there’s more to it than that. Interior design is a way of changing how you see and experience the space while considering certain elements. It’s a discipline that requires careful planning. Before visiting different furniture stores in Orange County, California, look at the following principles involved in interior design. Taking all these into account will surely help make your home more appealing than ever.


When decorating your home, you have to view it like a puzzle. This means a common theme brings everything together, and it will not be complete without the other parts. You can also look at it the other way around. You can choose different design elements for each room, but you have to make sure that they won’t clash. For instance, you may choose two or three color families and use them in different shades throughout your home.


This talks about the distribution of design elements in a room. You can use two balance styles: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical balance is obvious when there is a recurrence in the positioning of items like Orange County furniture, paintings, and floor tiles. Asymmetry is the use of design items that have no similar properties at all, and yet, their association creates an appeal to the eyes. This tends to be more casual. You have to be careful when using this style, as wrong planning can lead to an assortment of mess.

Center of Attraction

Every space in your home should have a focal point, or else you will get tired looking around for something interesting. Dominance is the feature every object used as a focal point should have. The center of attraction should create a lasting impression. In modern homes, large TVs are the focal points. You can do away with it by using large mirrors, paintings or sculptures. However, make sure that your focal point will not steal all the attention of the viewer.

Learning all these interior design elements may make you realize that sprucing up your home can be more difficult than you imagine. Make it easier by adhering to these principles religiously and by getting your items from top providers in your area.