Big Ideas for Small Gender-Neutral Nurseries

Plan a nursery that’s welcoming to a boy or a girl and personalize it for your baby after birth. Begin by choosing a theme, cheap furniture, and color palette with the future in mind. Think through what you want and what your baby needs in the nursery. Your second trimester is a good time to gather inspirational photos and start planning.

Start with a General Theme and Reinforce It with Intricate Details

A theme gives a nursery a cohesive look and simplifies choosing furniture and accessories. You can base the theme on colors, patters, or topics. Animals, the alphabet, and sea life are popular choices that work well for a boy or a girl. Reinforce the theme with decorative painting, accessories, and artworks.

Intricate details, such as the wicker baskets, animal toys, and letters polish the overall look. Once you give birth, make the room more distinctive by adding personal touches, like decorative stenciling on the wall.

Match Paint to Patterns

A useful approach is to let the bedding and window treatment influence the nursery’s color palette. Look for paint colors last, as it’s much easier to match paint to patterns than vice versa. With color, anything goes in today’s nurseries. You’ll find palettes that range from soft neutrals to bold hues.

The foolproof way is to mix white, cream, and light brown to give the nursery a soft, warm feeling. Shades of yellow and green are also popular picks for a boy or a girl. Choose any combination of hues that makes you happy, while keeping in mind how the paint on large surfaces, like the floor and wall, will interact with each other.

Think Ahead and Review

Your little one will be up and moving before you know it. Choose furniture and theme that will transition effortlessly from infant to toddler to prepare for this stage. For instance, a comfortable glider provides a spot for you and your young one to spend time together cuddling or feeding.

Later on, the chair will look suitable in any room, and you have the option of changing the slipcovers. Modular shelving works well for storing all essentials, and you can even use it later in other rooms, like the study area.

In small nurseries, each decorating choice has a big influence. Multitasking furniture, like a crib or a bunk bed with built-in drawers, helps make use of every available inch. These gender-neutral design ideas will even make a small nursery appear larger.